New Cleaner Available for Dental Appliances – OAP Cleaner

Mon, Jun 3, 2013

Dental Care

About OAP

OAP Cleaner is an innovative sanitizing solution that kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, microbes, and viruses, within 1 minute of application. OAP Cleaner’s carefully formulated, proprietary solution (BPA, Persulfate, and Chlorine Free) is able to rid virtually all-dental and orthodontic appliances of harmful disease causing agents. OAP Cleaner’s unique formula provides for germicidal, bacterial and fungal protection, in addition to anti-viral protection. Users of OAP Cleaner can be confident that they are using completely cleansed oral devices. The risk of infection through the use of unclean orthodontic devices can be easily avoided with OAP. Regular use of OAP Cleaner will promote enhanced oral hygiene and thus proper physical health.
Dental patients already know orthodontic devices are expensive even with dental insurance coverage. Dentists know the importance of good oral hygiene in a person’s overall health. Until now, no product has been able to deliver both good oral hygiene benefits with orthodontic devices and protect the patient’s investment in oral health.
Decades of orthodontic and medical research has demonstrated how poor oral hygiene can be at the crux of many major ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia and arthritis, as well as complications during pregnancy, erectile dysfunction and infertility. The typical users of dental devices (such as plastic aligners, dentures, retainers, night guards, bite plates or even sports guards) are highly susceptible to the exposure of
harmful bacteria’s and viruses, by mere contact exposure. Furthermore, the plastic housing or cases for these devices have been shown be foster viral and bacterial development as well.

The devices are difficult to clean thoroughly, leaving viruses, bacteria and fungi to flourish in the mouths of patients. The plastic cases for many orthodontic devices breed germs nearly as well as the devices. Even current cleaning products designed for orthodontic devices do not clean thoroughly enough to maintain proper patient health.

As the population of Baby Boomers ages, the use of orthodontic devices among the elderly will rise. Geriatric populations are already more at risk of infections and illness. Combine this with a mouthful of microbes, and it places millions of senior citizens at higher risk for complications. These risks are unnecessary and easily avoidable when proper care of orthodontic devices is a standard part of their overall care. The human mouth is one of the dirtiest environments known. It is the ideal habitat for harmful bacteria and viruses. Orthodontic device sterilization revolutionizes oral health care by reducing the risk of germs in the mouth. Regular use of orthodontic device sterilization solutions such as OAP will promote better oral hygiene and improve the overall health of dental patients.

The Details
The resin base utilized by nearly all-removable orthodontic appliances encompasses a certain degree of porosity (much greater than that of natural enamel), which promotes vast
accumulation of harmful pathogens and plaque. This increase in microorganisms can provide an increased risk for many serious ailments including heart disease and diabetes.


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