Dental Implant Success

Wed, Jan 16, 2013

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Dental implants have proved themselves as an ideal remedy to tooth loss.  The procedure is widespread and proven to have a very high success rate in restoring smiles.  Most people are eager for implants as they are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth and provide a permanent solution to the problems in eating and speech that missing teeth give.  The technology is proven with over 2 million dental implant procedures a year carried out in the USA alone.

The key factor that will decide whether you are an eligible patient for dental implants is that you have sufficient bone density where you need the teeth.  Implants can replace single or multiple teeth; in fact many people undergoing the procedure are replacing insecure and uncomfortable dentures or bridges that replaced several teeth.

Losing teeth through disease or mishap can have a significant negative impact on your quality of life.  Alongside your appearance it will impact your speech and eating ability, as a result it can drag down your self-esteem.  The current methods dental professionals currently have for the replacement of missing teeth are bridgework, dentures and dental implants.

Dental implants have quickly secured their place as a preferred solution for lost teeth.  Within the United States over 2 million dental implants are performed every year and this is expected to increase annually.   The improved proven technology allows replacement of single or multiple teeth in a straightforward procedure with great aesthetic results.

The popularity of dental implants as a procedure is due to several benefits:

  • Dental implants unlike bridges have no impact on the surrounding teeth as they do not require any support from them thus not causing them any extra stresses.  This also makes implants cost effective as the extensive bridge work over 3 teeth is not required.
  • An implant can add support to existing teeth thus preventing further tooth loss
  • They are anchored within the bone of the jaw and then integrate with it.  This prevents further recession of the gums or bone loss, whilst dentures and bridges have the opposite effect.
  • The implant is natural looking indistinguishable from existing teeth and restores your smile.  You can eat bite and talk as well as before any tooth loss.

Dental Implants

Patients that have had missing teeth restored by dental implants are delighted that the teeth feel natural and can be treated like their other teeth in terms of dental hygiene.  Regular visits to your dental professional are of course still required.

Overall dental implants will continue to provide a welcome permanent solution to missing teeth with little complication and a very high success rate.

The success of the surgery is dependent on several factors but available reports tend to claim it is the location of the teeth in the mouth and their role in biting and chewing that is significant.  The success rate is over 95% with many patients having multiple procedures.

When we look at the reasons some implants fail it tends to fall into two main areas;

  • Mechanical – Any flaw or weakness in the ceramic or titanium used in the implant can cause the implant to break.  If the ceramic crown is not a secure fit to the titanium rod it may separate.
  • Medical – Lack of bone tissue surrounding the implant can cause them to simply fall out.  Bacteria in gum tissue or jawbone can be released when implants are introduced; this causes infection so it has to be removed.

Medical issues far outweigh any mechanical failures of dental implants it is therefore vital that you use a relevant qualified dental professional and continue with dental hygiene and aftercare visits they recommend.


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