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Tue, May 21, 2013

Restorative Dentistry

The confidence that comes from having a great smile is a great boost on many levels. Smiling more makes you actually feel better. Having the confidence in your own appearance boosts self-esteem and even posture. It also affects how you are viewed by other people, who naturally warm to a positive smiley person.

However, for many, the idea of smiling can be very difficult. Forget straight, white, Hollywood teeth – over half the UK adult population actually have gaps thanks to missing teeth, making them very self-conscious and afraid to smile.

All on Four for a Better Smile

All on four is a highly skilled area of dentistry which replaces missing teeth using just four fixing points. This gives the patient a strong foundation for “new teeth”.

All on four dentistry requires exacting levels of skill and precision, but ICC Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios help many patients rediscover their smiles in just one day, having invested in the latest equipment in their on-site lab, which offers the advantage of speed and a coordinated team effort.

Their skilled technicians work closely with specially qualified dental surgeons to enable patients to see full all on four transformation within a day, which is utterly life-changing for the patients.

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ICC Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios have an award-winning on-site lab and highly qualified dental surgeons for incredibly fast all on four transformations.

For further information about all on four, dental implants, teeth crowns, whitening or cosmetic dentistry at ICC Implant and Ceramic Dental Studios, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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